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The enviraSAFE team is here to help you reduce your facilities’ operating costs and litigation risks and increase your customer and employee safety while improving your reputation in today’s hypersensitive infection prevention atmosphere.


Reliably Validate the Efficacy of your Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures for You, Your Customers, and Your Employees

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Meet the enviraSAFE Team

Meet the innovative, driven, and creative individuals with expertise in epidemiology, public health, project management, and data analysis powering enviraSAFE. Our team’s goal is to help you reduce your infection risk through monitoring and data analysis of your cleaning and disinfection procedures.

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Dr. Christine Greene, MPH, PH.D

Scientific Advisor and Principal Scientist

Dr. Greene has over 13+ years’ experience in epidemiological and laboratory research. She holds a Ph.D. in environmental health sciences and an MPH in hospital and molecular.  She co-founded EVS Protects LLC and the Healthcare Infection Transmission Systems (HITS) Consortium and serves as a Board Member for The Infection Prevention Strategy (TIPS).

She is a member of the Surfaces Disinfection Playbook committee and is a CSA committee member for surface disinfection standardization in healthcare.  Dr. Greene is also convener for ISO TC 304/AWI 23447, an international standard for hand hygiene in healthcare.

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David Wilson


David Wilson is the Founder and CEO of DocuFi, LLC, and HAIvia, LLC.  He has been an entrepreneur in Document Imaging for more than 30 years. Dave serves on the MIT Technology Review Global Leadership panel and serves on several boards in an Advisory manner.

Prior to launching DocuFi, Dave worked as global R&D and Innovations leader for an international services company.   After a successful career providing solutions to Nuance, eCopy, IBM, Autodesk, and others, Dave started his first company, Open Archive Systems which was later sold.

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Jennifer Buchhop


Jennifer Buchhop has 20 years of engineering consulting expertise. She leverages her consulting background to operate as an entrepreneur by developing new business opportunities in emerging market sectors her firms thought impossible. In 2019, she moved to entrepreneur and co-founded of EVS Protects LLC with Dr. Christine Greene.

Her expertise in business operations, project management, strategic planning and technical consult, combined with her ability to convene stakeholders and collaborate with key entities, enables her to partner with companies to develop large-scale projects that make long-lasting, impactful change.


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